Welcome to our newly redesigned site!

You might notice that our site looks a little different…

We’re just putting the finishing touches now, but it should be completely up and running shortly!

Our new design is responsive and features different options for viewing from your computer or mobile device.

We’re still working out a couple of kinks, but if you notice something like a bad link somewhere, or something that just isn’t working for you, shoot us an email at susie@everaftercakedesign.com (let us know whether you’re using Windows, a Mac, or something else, and which browser you’re using–internet explorer, firefox, safari, chrome, opera, or something else) and we’ll try to get it fixed ASAP. We really appreciate your help as we’re rolling out our new design :)

We’re also adding more pictures to the gallery, and working on some more creations for the weekend.

More to come soon!