About Us

Our greatest passion is creating art and feeding people! Creating custom cakes and decadent desserts is our way of doing both! It is a very rewarding profession for us and it has made a lot others happy along the way.

We believe a cake should be the centerpiece and focal point of any special occasion. This is why we will do everything possible to make sure that your cake will be the most beautiful, memorable, and of course, most delicious you have ever experienced.

Whether it is for an elegant wedding, baby shower, corporate event, birthday party, or anniversary, the same amount of thought, care and consideration to detail go into each of our creations.

We feel that it is important to work one on one with you, to really understand what you want. Together, you will make all of the decisions regarding the theme, flavors, colors, and overall design. Whether it is simple and elegant or colorful and crazy, your cake will be uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and tastes.

We are a family business and will cater to your specific requests and give your cake absolute attention to detail. We thrive on capturing the mood of your occasion and providing you with a cake that is a work of art!

Your custom cake is baked with the freshest ingredients, and iced and decorated with your choice of popular icings and fondant. Your cake can be made as simple or as dramatic as you can imagine. We will work with you to create the perfect cake for your special day and “a fairy-tale ending to your special occasion.”